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Gastric Band Emotional Release Program

Are you finding it hard to keep your weight under control? are you eating healthy meals and exercising but still that weight remains? or maybe your find yourself attracted to food that isn't healthy?

 Long term weight loss isn't all about food intake and exercise.  Emotional energy gets stored within the body creating the body to hold onto excess weight as a survival mechanism.  

Releasing the emotion combined with gastric band or tummy tighten hypnotherapy procedure to get to your ideal weight and be free from a life time of patterns.  

If you emotionally eat

Have a night time snacking habit

Can't stop eating even though you are full

Don't know what full feels like

Are on a yo-yo cycle with your weight or wish to lose weight to improve your health and wellbeing.

Then book your discovery call for this wonderful long term weight solution and take the first step to getting to your ideal weight. 

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