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Relax & Rejuvenate Hypnotherapy Group Classes @ The Yoga Barn Mangawhai Heads every Wednesday starting 12th May 2021 6pm to 7.15pm

Give your body and mind the gift of deep relaxation with this weekly 'Relax & Rejuvenate' Hypnotherapy Class. Hypnotherapy allows you to move into a space of complete relaxation and tranquility by accessing the subconscious mind, turning off the chatter of your conscious brain so you feel your body and mind relax as you go deeper and deeper into relaxation.

This class allows you to have space to nourish your wellbeing and leaves you feeling revitalized for your week ahead.

When attending weekly hypnotherapy sessions participants feel more relaxed, able to cope with life stressors better and often report better sleep.

Join us @ The Yoga Barn 21 Moir Point Road every Wednesday from the 12th May 2021 6pm to 7.15 pm.

THE YOGA BARN LOCATION Park on the PLACEMAKERS side of the road and walk over to 21 Moir Point Road or Drive up the drive and park out the back on the right hand side thanks.

Spaces are limited so pre-booking is essential.

You will need to bring a blanket, yoga mat and pillow for your head. We do have spare yoga mats if required and seating if you don't wish or unable to lay down.

Price is $20 per class or $170 per term (9 classes)   TO BOOK YOUR SPACE PLEASE BOOK VIA OUR WEBSTORE HERE

NOTE; If you have experienced epilepsy or concussion unfortunately it is not advised to go into hypnosis in a group session.  There will be a consent form signed at the beginning of each hypnotherapy session.

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