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Organic Peppermint Tea (Herbal) Digestive Relief - Nutrition by Nature

Organic Peppermint Tea (Herbal) Digestive Relief

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Organic Peppermint Tea is a refreshing digestive aid after any meal or a great way to start the day.  Makes a great ice tea for the warmer summer months.

A peppermint kombucha with lime is super delicious, make a 1 teaspoon to 125ml of hot water once cooled add into 1-litre bottle add a squeeze of lime and top up with brewed original kombucha.  So delicious!  This peppermint and lime combo makes a nice ice tea too.  

Ingredients; Organic Peppermint

Available in 60g & 100g packs

60g makes around 25 cups of tea

100g makes around 40 cups of tea

Available in eco packing bag which is made from paper and the inside transparent bag from corn.  Which can all be home composted.